The Staple Dress #2

If you remember, I made my first Staple Dress earlier this year.

I don’t know if I mentioned this in my original post, but I know I’ve mentioned it since. The pattern XS was a little roomy on my, especially in the shoulder/bust area. The pattern was written to have a “blousy” top, but it’s a little too blousy on me. In fact, I hardly wear Staple Dress #1 because of how large it is, but I LOVE the pattern and the look of the dress so I wanted to give it another shot. This time, I made a muslin (just of the top) after taking an entire inch off of each side and at the shoulders. It fits 1,000 times better.

Technically, this the Staple Dress #2 and #3 because I made a lining.

Staple Dress


Isn’t the lace pretty!?! I wish I could have used white lace, but that just doesn’t work with my coloring. The black is very pretty though.



I put this together at the neckline and the sleeves. You “bind” the neckline and the raw edges of both sleeves so I just had an extra layer of the lining in that binding. It worked out great and it’s a fabulous finish. The right side of the lining is against your body and obviously the right side of the lace dress is on the very outside. So you have the wrong side of the lining up against the wrong side of the lace dress. I had to look at other lined dresses in my closet to make sure everything I planned on doing made sense.

Hemming was not super fun, but there were some tips I used to make it better. I starched the hemline of the lining and then sewed a zig zag stitch around it and then turned that under and sewed a straight stitch very close to the edge. It worked out beautifully. For the lace, I was going to buy tape, but I didn’t want to run to Joanns and I wanted to wear this dress the next day. I ended up zig zagging, but not right at the edge. If I zig zagged at the edge, my machine ate the fabric. I zig zagged a little in from the edge and then cut off the excess. It worked out really well and I think it looks nice.

I also didn’t do any of the shirring on this dress. I don’t think I will from now on. I always wear my dresses with belts so  it’s not really necessary. And I can always add it later if I decide to stop wearing belts. The shirring wouldn’t really work on this dress anyway with the lace and lining.

My favorite part is the drop hem. It just looks so cool with the lace.

  1. Joni’s avatar

    This dress looks so good on you! Great job


  2. Nikki McDonald’s avatar

    I am so impressed. One day I will attempt garment sewing. Not today, though… 🙂


    1. Lesley’s avatar

      Thanks! You can do it! Jaime David got me started.


    2. Kim’s avatar

      Love the lace at the bottom, the scarf at the top and the pretty dress in between!



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