The Staple Dress #3

I’m a little obsessed with this pattern, but I think this will be the last one I make for a awhile. Why? Because I’m out of fabric. However, I might move on to April’s new pattern…The Date Night Dress & Simple Slip.

I need a full slip. I have a couple of half slips that I wear all of the time, but sometimes they just don’t cut it.

Anyway, back to the dress. I made it using a shot cotton that I purchased from Cucire.

Staple DressI love how shot cottons feel, but I hate ironing them.

Staple Dress


How do you like our windows? They sort of turn into mirrors at night when the inside lights are on. I wasn’t completely satisfied with Andrew’s pictures, so I took some of my own.

Staple Dress


The drop hem on this dress is still my favorite part. I was worried the shot cotton would be too heavy for it, but it’s definitely not. However, I think a regular cotton would be.

Staple Dress


I’m definitely over the shirring. I’m all about belts. The top half is still a little blousy for my taste, but a scarf covers that up. It might be OK with a longer necklace. I’ll have to experiment.

I’m getting quite a closet full of clothes I’ve made. And the greatest part is that I really like wearing them all!



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