The Weekend of No Quilting

I did not quilt at all this weekend, although I did pick out fabric for the next two iPad sleeves. One will go to the fair. It would be nice to get the Mario quilt done before then, but that is a long shot.

I did make rhubarb crisp and it was AMAZING. I love rhubarb, but I’ve never made anything with it before. I will definitely be using rhubarb more often.

I also watched “My Sister’s Keeper.” I read the book a month or so ago and bawled through the entire book. The movie wasn’t much different. It was sort of refreshing. This is definitely going on my movies-to-watch-when-I-need-a-good-reason-to-cry list. The other movie on the list is “Legends of the Fall.”

My parents visited this weekend and my mom brought her miniature log cabin quilt. It’s beautiful. I’m going to attempt to make one eventually, but I don’t know if I have the patience.

Mini Log Cabin Quilt

Mini Log Cabin Blocks

  1. Cathy’s avatar

    I love checking up on you!! Our quilt retreat was fantastic! Just not long enough. Most of the retreat places cost an arm and 2 legs, but at Susie’s we all contributed and she has the room. It was absolutely perfect. A quilt retreat on the waterfront. A deer in the morning visited and the geese checked us out too. Love you! Aunt Cathy



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