The Weekender: Finish!


Although I’ve never been through childbirth (Well, I technically have during my own birth, but you know what I mean.), I can imagine that it must be something like how I feel toward my Weekender Bag. The picture above is the typical proud parents picture. (Andrew actually does show this bag off to random people who come over to our house.)

The Weekender

I am incredibly proud of myself for creating this bag and sticking with it even when I was intimidated and when I was sewing a seam five different times to get closer and closer to the piping. I LOVE this bag. I’m proud of this bag. I can’t stop looking at it, touching it, and thinking about it. It’s just so damn cool.


It honestly wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. The directions are written very well. There are a couple of spots that could have been clearer or could have used an illustration, but it still went really well.

The piping is definitely the worst, but perseverance definitely helps. I tackled it in sections and that was very manageable. I was actually sore after completing this and I think it’s because it does take some wrangling when you’re putting it all together. Honesty, I’m still in a little disbelief that it’s finished.

There are a couple of things I left off. I was going to have snaps on the outside pockets and I kind of forgot about them so that didn’t happen. I wanted an elastic inside pocket, but I didn’t realize until I was putting in the elastic that you need a wider pocket to make that work and I had cut the same size. Duh!



There are two inside pockets and one small hidden pocket. The elastic pocket that turned out not being an elastic pocket actually worked out well since it needed the height to hide the inside zipper pocket.

Zipper Pocket


Zipper Pocket


The bag can be completed in stages and that’s really nice. You can see the progress. Some of the main big steps are finishing the outside pockets and then completing the outside panels.

Outside Pockets



Sewing in the lining took an extra few days. I worked on it while we were in the car. I added quite a bit of stitching to just make sure everything was reinforced well and stayed in place.







I love the little details I added to this bag.

Luggage Tag


The luggage tag is still one of my favorites…along with the hidden pocket.

Hidden Pocket


It’s not perfect, but it’s still great and I see at least one more in my future…probably more than that.

  1. Joni’s avatar

    Love, love it. Still think maybe I should make one but would need you to help 🙂


  2. Debbie Meador’s avatar

    That is amazing! It screams your name too! Love it!


  3. Becky’s avatar

    This bag is awesome!! You should take it everywhere and show it off. Great job!


  4. Sara Gordon’s avatar

    Wow! What a gorgeous bag! The colours and fabric choice are perfect.


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