To Grandmother’s House We Go

While I was at home working on the dresses for the bridesmaids with my mom, I also stopped by my grandma’s to help install her new scanner/printer/copier.

The thing I really like about Grandma’s house is that there are a ton of quilts!

Mile a Minute Quilt


This is one she’s working on. It’s a “Mile-a-Minute” quilt. I’m not sure how it works, but it’s very scrappy and kind of improv-ish. And it’s going to be HUGE! This is just part of it. She has a bunch more blocks.

Yellow Brick Road QuiltThis is the Yellow Brick Road pattern. I love the pinks and reds. It’s hanging over her bannister.

Hexie Quilt


This is hanging on the wall in her living room. She started this quilt when she was 10 and finished it when she was 70. She’s in her 80’s now…you can do the math to figure out how old those fabrics are.

Hexie Quilt


Does a closer look help you date them?

Hexie Quilt


That’s a feedsack.

Hexie Quilt


Grandma said she made her mother a dress from that red fabric. She couldn’t remember what a lot of the other fabrics were used for, but she did remember that red one.

I was pretty amazed by this quilt. I think it’s absolutely awesome.

Turkey Tracks QuiltThis quilt is hanging between her living room and her dining room. She didn’t make it. My great-grandma Elta’s neighbor made it for her. Her name was Buehlah(sp?) Benbow.

Aunt Lillian's QuiltMy great-aunt Lillian made that quilt. It’s sitting beside the front door.

Crossword Quilt


And this one is also hanging in the living room. I made it. 🙂 My grandma prints the crossword from the paper every morning. I thought she needed a crossword quilt. I also made one for my other grandma.

Grandma's House


This is also hanging by her front door. It’s her old house. We moved her out of it a year ago. She had lived there since her and Grandpa got married. But it was too big of a house for her. It’s a gorgeous house. And it’s huge. Grandpa had quite a bit of property, too, but that was sold off a few years before the house was sold.

And that’s Grandma’s house. My house has quilt a few quilts in it, but not quite as many as hers…it’s something to aspire to.





  1. Joni’s avatar

    The quilt made for my Grandma Elta was made by Beulah Benbow, not Bimbo. LOL!!!


    1. Lesley’s avatar

      Hahaha! Oops. Fixed.


    2. Kim’s avatar

      I love all the quilts! But I really love the one you made that’s like a Scrabble board – it’s so sweet and I love the black/one design.


    3. becky’s avatar

      How ironic to see your grandmother’s feedsack quilt. I found a quilt top just like it at an antique store last week. It was a pattern I’d never seen before and now twice in a week. The plan is to get muslin and have it sandwiched and basted by a longarmer and then quilt it in the ditch. Shouldn’t be too difficult since it is a throw size.



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