Tom’s Place Mats

Tom needed some place mats. Do you remember Tom? If you don’t, I’ve posted about him before.

Anyway, I made Tom place mats. Plus, I threw in some hot pads since I had leftover fabric.

Tom's Place Mats


The pattern is pretty easy and I’m pleased with how they turned out. They pattern said to bind them and I thought that was too much work, so I turned them instead. Turning has it’s advantages and disadvantages, too, but I definitely did not feel like hand sewing down binding, especially since I still have some left on my Madrona Road quilt. I still have to hand sew the openings shut, but that’s a lot less work.

Tom's Hot PadsHot pads are simple. I whipped these out in just a few minutes.

On another note, I got some mail the other day!

Jelly RollI know I said I wasn’t going to buy any fabric, but I couldn’t resist this. It was on sale at Missouri Star. It’s Simply Color by V&Co. It’s strips of her ombre fabrics.

Jelly RollMy mom also took advantage of one of their deals and I had her order me a Simply Color charm back and a chevron charm pack. I’m planning on getting them when I go home next weekend. Somebody fabrics finds me…




  1. Kim’s avatar

    Love how the blue fabric pops out – great job.
    Ombre fabrics – fun name 🙂



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