I spent most of the day last Saturday cutting.





That bag contains all of the parts for another Cargo Duffle, another Staple Dress, another Date Night Dress, and a set of place mats. Then there’s a giant stack of t-shirts that I cut into for a t-shirt quilt. I’m waiting on some more interfacing to be delivered so I can get the t-shirt quilt put together.

I managed to finish the place mats on Tuesday evening.


Place Mats


I love these sea glass colors. I still need to hand sew the turning holes shut, but I’m current in the process of binding a baby quilt and then I’ll get to these.


Crocheted Blanket


You should all tell Amy how amazing she is. This is her first really large crochet project and she KILLED IT! It’s a beautiful blanket and I absolutely love the colors she chose. Her daughter loves it, too. 🙂 She’s already started another blanket using a different stitch for her other daughter. I need to get back to crocheting, but I’m working on a project that I’m just not that excited about. I just need to get it finished and move on.

Taylar's Pillows



Recognize those pillows? This is Taylar’s adorable living room. I wanted to show you her awesome picture and how cool the pillows look on her couch.

Well, look forward to seeing some more finished projects now that they’re all cut out. That’s always the biggest hurdle.


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