Voile Dress #2

Like I said in my earlier post about voile dresses, I’m a sucker for voile. And apparently I’m a sucker for dresses.

Voile Dress

This is the same pattern as the pleated shot cotton dress, but I left out the pleats. I’m not a big fan on the neckline without the pleats. In fact, I’m probably going to do some modifying and make it into a v-neck. It won’t be a difficult alteration and will make me wear this dress a lot more than I would otherwise. I HATE necklines that go clear up to your neck like they are choking you. Almost every pattern I’ve made has had this problem. What’s the deal? Is it just me?

Voile Dress

I also made this one a little shorter. I want to wear it over tights in the winter. Otherwise, it’s very summery because it’s shorter. I’ll update this post once I’ve modified the neck. I’m still in love with the fit and the fabric though.

Oh, two more things. I made another infinity scarf.

I made this exact same scarf for a friend’s birthday and loved it so much that I hunted down more of the Joel Dewberry voile and aqua Shot Cotton to make myself one, which I finally accomplished.

Infinity Scarf

I didn’t want to hand sew this to finish it because I developed a massive headache in the middle of the project, so I used a decorative stitch on my machine.

Decorative StitchDecorative Stitch

And I made a table cloth from green screen material for work.

Table Cloth

This was a giant rectangular piece of material when I begun. Actually, there’s still enough rectangular material left to make another round table cloth, but they only needed one. Why green screen material? Good question. Probably because it was lying around and not being used. This was not the easiest project in the world. 1. I had to make a circle from a rectangle. Luckily, I’m smart and know how to make a makeshift compass with a pencil, a marking pen, some packing tape, and a belt. (Thank you, Andrew, for your assistance in holding the compass in place.) 2. This involved A LOT of hemming and I HATE hemming. But I forced myself and it wasn’t too bad.


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