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I’m shamelessly helping out my friend. Have you hear of Iron Quilter? The infamous Missouri Star Quilt Company is hosting their second Iron Quilter┬ácontest. When I saw the fabric for this contest, I immediately said, “Nope. No way. Not happening.” It’s ugly fabric. I know ugly is subjective, but I think this might be the exception. Did the Victorian era come back and I’m just out of the loop? Are women going to start wearing bustles and corsets and puffy sleeved, high necked blouses? (P.S. I apologize to the person who designed this fabric who is now extremely offended.)

However, my friend, Becky, likes a challenge. So she took the ugly fabric and made something that’s awesome.

Iron Quilter Project


The applique is all wool and I’m in love with the echo quilting. I like how the main focus of the quilt doesn’t contain any of the ugly fabric. She’s smart because pretty much anything can look good in a piano key border, even ugly designed-after-a-motel-room-comforter fabric.

So there you go. Because this seriously was a challenge and Becky knocked it out of the park, go vote for her, please.

All you need to do is share AND/OR like the photo of her challenge entry.


  1. Kim’s avatar

    Becky did do an awesome job – it rocks! And I’ve voted and I hope everyone else does too. Regardless of what the tally says, she is a winner in all our books!!!


  2. Becky’s avatar

    Lesley, THANK YOU!!! This was ugly fabric, as we discussed, but what a fun challenge. Thank you to everyone who votes for me, too. Extra thanks if you share and ask for your friends to vote for me!



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