Wallet and Cowl

I know that I haven’t posted a bunch lately. 🙁

But I have been sewing and doing crafty things! And fun sewing and crafty things! For me sewing and crafty things! Which are the best sewing and crafty things!




Behold my new wallet. I thought my Kate Spade deserved a gorgeous wallet.




Look how useful it is! There are pockets everywhere. There are so many pockets that I’m not using all of them. It’s actually made my purse lighter. My old wallet was heavy.

The pattern is from Liesl + Co.’s Straight Stitch Society. It’s very appropriately called the Have It All Wallet. I still need a snap for it, but that will come. I cannot say enough great things about this pattern. It was superb. Of course, what else do you expect from Liesl + Co.?

Besides sewing, I’ve also done some crocheting. The KCMQG took a bus trip to Lincoln, NE, to the International Quilt Study Center and Museum. If you haven’t been, you need to go. It’s wonderful. We got an awesome tour and had an excellent time. We stopped in Omaha on the way home at The Quilt Studio and that’s where I bought the wallet pattern. What a successful trip!

Anyway, back to the crocheting. I wanted a project to work on while on the bus. I’m a bit over hexies right now, so I wanted to crochet. I stopped at Urban Arts & Crafts and picked up some wonderful silk/wool yarn. It’s gorgeous feeling. Plus, I love the color.






I made another cowl. This is my third one like this. I just love the pattern. I’ve already worn it once. I like how it’s dainty, but still modern because it’s a cowl. I have this in a pretty mustard yellow, a teal, and a cream, too. My mom made the cream one. The pattern is “My Cowl” on Ravelry. It’s wonderful and super easy. Just a lot of double crochets. 🙂




I like making things I can wear and use. Quilts are awesome and all, but you can’t carry them around with you. Well, I guess you could, but that would be weird. I have some apparel items on my list next. 🙂


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