Wedding Weekend & NYC

I spent the entire weekend at my sister’s house with my parents, Dustin’s sister and her boyfriend, and Dustin’s parents. We were in wedding planning mode. Luckily, Andrew was out of town…hence the NYC portion of this post.

We spent Saturday until dinner time searching for craft supplies. We are making all of the decorations. Then we spent Saturday evening and Sunday making decorations, making decisions, and ordering stuff online. It was kind of crazy, but we figured out pretty much everything we needed to, so the next few months will be spent fine tuning.



We had quite a production going. This table was a lifesaver. It began as the “Invitation Creation Station” and then basically became a giant craft table. Mom’s sewing yo-yo’s here. I’m gluing burlap onto a paint can. I’m not sure what the guys are doing. I think Dad was trying to untangle gold spiraly sticks. Dianne is putting flowers into the cans. It was quite a production.



Did I mention that Mom and I made the bridesmaid dresses? Well, we did. And all we had left to do was hem them. We got three of the linings hemmed and can’t finish the fourth until after one of the bridesmaids tries it on so Mom can pin it from the floor. We still have the chiffon lining to hem, but Mom is going to experiment with that before we do it.

Center Piece


And here is a sneak preview of just one of the decorations. Cute, right?

While we were shopping for decorations, you won’t believe what I saw in Joann’s!

Madrona Road


Madrona Road


Yes, that’s the herringbone print from Madrona Road by Violet Craft on a sewing box and pin cushion at Joann’s. I know! I was totally shocked, too. The funniest thing was that I think my mom and I recognized it at about the same time. I’m sure the rest of our party had no idea why we were so excited. I didn’t buy them, but I was very tempted. I have quite a bit of that herringbone print left in my stash and I’m just waiting for the perfect time to use it because I love it so much.

so, that was basically the weekend. I’m sure we are all worn out, but it feels really good to have mostly everything done.

In other news, Andrew is in NYC and I’m totally jealous….kind of. He’s there for work, so it hasn’t all been fun and games. Although…he did go to an AMAZING place.

Purl Soho


Yes, that’s Purl Soho. He is literally the best boyfriend EVER! He’s never been to NYC before and he chose to spend his off day going to Lower Manhattan to go to Purl Soho for me. And I think he’s bringing me back treasures…

Neon Thread


He took a picture of this neon thread because he knew I was drooling at it on the website.

Purl Soho


It looks like a really cool shop. Look how busy it was!

Purl SohoHe knows how much I love solids, so he snapped me a photo of the beautiful solids. I LOVE all of the colors. There are sooo many.

I don’t feel too bad for sending him there because he did end up in Lower Manhattan, which is a pretty cool place. He went to CB2 after and kept sending me pictures and wanting to know why he couldn’t buy everything in the store. I think he had fun. Now I’m thinking I need to see that shop for myself. I haven’t been to New York since the summer before I went to college, so another trip is needed. Maybe our next vacation…



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