What a Deal!

A KCMQG friend decided to clean out her craft room to make a playroom for her son. I was shocked at the sacrifice she is making, but very happy at the same time because she had a sale! I’ve also heard that you sacrifice the most for your kids so I really shouldn’t be that surprised.

I made out with one heck of a deal!



I’m not going to tell you what I paid for all of this because you might have a heart attack. I almost did. As we were walking out to the car, Andrew asked, “Is that a good deal?” I just look at him like he was stupid. Then I realized that when it comes to fabric prices, he knows nothing. (You know nothing, Jon Snow.) So I stopped looking at him like he was stupid and told him it was the best deal ever.

Just to give you an idea, there’s 12 yards of fabric there and two queen sized Warm and Natural batting packages. The two solids are Kona cotton and there’s three yards of each (give or take a few inches). The print is Anna Maria Horner and there’s six yards. I paid less for all of this than I would’ve for the six yards of Kona at full price.

I’m sorry for bragging, but I was ecstatic and I still am.

Shot Cotton

Also, I stopped by Harper’s Fabrics and picked up some shot cottons. I have another half yard ordered from Cucire that I’ll hopefully get delivered to me at the next KCMQG meeting.

Also, I forgot to show you what I picked up at Hancock’s store closing sale.

Circle Pre Cuts


Pre cut circles! I thought the fabric was pretty. I have no idea what I’ll do with pre-cut circles.




Any ideas?


  1. Becky’s avatar

    Are the circles large enough to appliqué on solid white or gray? It would look great with minimal line quilting.


    1. Lesley’s avatar

      Great idea! I think they are big enough…probably 6.5″ across.


    2. Beth Dixon’s avatar

      wait…. what Hancock’s store closing sale?
      which one is closing?


      1. Lesley’s avatar

        Yeah, the one on North Oak. They aren’t actually closing, but they are moving locations. However, they’re getting rid of all of their inventory for some reason.



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