Whiskey Mat

My grandparents bought Andrew a whiskey set for Christmas. He asked for one. He eventually wants to redo his gaming room and add a bar cabinet. I guess that’s where the whiskey set comes into play. Anyway, until we have the time/money to redo that room, he has shelving that is serving as a bar for his whiskey set. In order to not damage the shelving, he asked if I would make him a table runner. And yes, he did use the phrase “table runner.”

Whiskey Runner

I bought the template for this during And Sew Bee It!’s closing sale. He liked the x’s since they matched his whiskey set. I quilted it similar to his bottle.

Whiskey Decanter

Whiskey Runner

I had some leftover fabric from when I made a robot sleeve for our friend and that’s what I backed it with. I think he is pleased and it looks great on the shelf.

Whiskey Runner Back

Whiskey Runner

Yes, that is a penguin cocktail shaker. And that is a knife that our friend brought Andrew back from Turkey.

  1. Kim’s avatar

    Great job on the “table runner!”



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