Why I’m Buying Yarn

I’ve recently purchased a bunch of yarn because I’ve been bitten by a crocheting bug. I’ve crocheted a few things over the years, but I’m more interested in it now than I was before.

I think part of the reason I’m more interested is because of Ravelry and all of the great free tutorials out there. Most of the yarn here came from Fabric.com and then I picked up some of the puffy yarn from Joann’s.



I’m working my way up and starting with some simple projects. I made an easy double crochet cowl and then some dishcloths. I’m in the middle of working on a puff stitch slouchy beanie. Also, have you hear of arm knitting. I made the mustard colored arm knitting infinity scarf. There are a thousand tutorials and videos online so I just picked one. It took me about 30 minutes and I’ve already worn it a TON! I love the chunkiness because it’s super warm.

I have a bunch of other projects planned with the rest of the yarn so look forward to seeing those.



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