Will You Be My Bridesmaid Gifts

My sister and I spent the weekend creating gifts for her bridesmaids to ask them to be her bridesmaids.

This is what we began with:

Bridesmaids Gift Stuff

We didn’t really have a solid plan going into this project. She knew she wanted to use mason jars. She went to Hobby Lobby and just gathered some other stuff that seemed like it work work. We also had the idea of adding candy, so we went and bought some jelly beans.

Here’s what we ended up with:

Bridesmaids Gift


Amazing, right? We kept exclaiming throughout the whole process, “OMG! I cannot believe how cute it is?! I can hardly stand how cute it is!” We were extremely proud of ourselves.

Here’s a photo documentary of how we went from a pile of stuff to the most adorable gift EVER!

Bucket with Lace

First, we took those little tin pails and glued lace around the outside. That’s where the cuteness began. How adorable is that?!

Tin Pails with Lace

They have lace skirts! They look like little brides…little fat brides. 🙂

Pail and Mason Jar

Next, we added a twine bow around the lace skirt. We also added a burlap belt and a blue ribbon around the mason jars.

Mason Jars with Jelly Beans

We filled the mason jars with blue and clear/white/cream jelly beans. I’m not sure what flavor the blue jelly beans were. I think they are blue raspberry or berry or something like that. The clear/white/cream jelly beans were cream soda flavored.  You can’t really see them because they are hidden by the burlap belt. We wanted the blue to really be prominent.

Mason Jars in Tin Pail

Then the mason jars got put inside of the tin pail along with some brow crinkly pretty packing things. We tied a blue ribbon on top of the pail handle. Seriously…we could barely stand the cuteness at that point.


Robin had purchased some scrap booking paper and we printed the question onto it.

Cards and Envelopes

The cards got put inside this cute little brown paper envelope. Robin added the bling sticker and punched a hole in the top.

Bridesmaids Gifts

Then the finishing touches were put on. We added the sunflower into the side of the pail. The envelope and card were hung from the pail with a blue ribbon. Voila!

Bridesmaids Gifts

Aren’t they so cute all lined up?! We were so proud of ourselves. I think they look professionally done. I’m pretty amazed at what we did without really a solid idea. Everything just fell into place.

I wish the rest of the weekend just fell into place like that. We went shopping for bridesmaids dresses and it did not go well. First of all, I’m giving David’s Bridal a TERRIBLE review. If you do not have an appointment for a wedding gown, you don’t really matter. They don’t really care. Also, their selection sucks. The dresses that we did like didn’t come in the correct color. It was a nightmare. I seriously doubt we will be back there for bridesmaids dresses and definitely not for wedding gowns. Anyway, then we went to JoAnn Fabrics because I am also making the bridesmaids gifts for the day of the wedding. The fabric we had our eye on online that was SUPER cheap was not exactly what we wanted. However, we were able to find other (better) fabric, but it was more expensive. Luckily, my sister was able to get 20% off because she was a student. While we were waiting at the cutting counter, my sister was looking through the pattern books. She found the Burda 7376 pattern. I might be making bridesmaids dresses, too. Luckily, all of the reviews said the pattern was SUPER easy and very flattering. I’m not too scared, but we are going to check out some department stores and some bridal salons to see if we can find dresses there first. Wish us luck!


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