Windows Galore

I like windows, which is good because our condo has A TON of them. Two of our walls are entirely windows.

Wallstreet Tower

That’s our building, but it’s showing the side that we don’t live on.

Wallstreet Tower

That’s the side we live on.

Wallstreet Tower

That red circle is where we live. We have a corner unit so that wall of windows is actually the smaller of the two. And due to one entire wall being windows, our closet has windows in it! And that’s how it became my sewing room.

Windows Quilt

I’ve shown this windows quilt before when I was working on it. It’s FINALLY finished.

Windows Quilt

I was able to get all of the buttons sewn on during the flight to LA.

Windows Quilt

Ah! Do you see one of our windows peeking out the side of that photo?

Windows QuiltingI love the quilting on the center block. Echo quilting is my favorite and this shows it so beautifully.

This quilt took me forever to finish due to all of the hand work. I normally LOVE hand work and finish it up quickly, but I think all of those buttons intimidated me.

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